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Nov. 10, 2015, 1:42 p.m.

When are podcasts published?

As part of the analytics engine at cast.market we scour the internet for information about Podcasts. Over the last year we have indexed over 160,000 shows, 9,000,000 episodes and nearly 350,000,000 chart positions from around the world.

You can use the results of this by searching for a podcasts here You will find shows and their iTunes popularity from around the world.

Using this engine we have started to think about what other kinds of questions we can answer about podcasting. So we started this blog to discuss any insights we find.

Here are a couple of questions we hope to answer. email us if you have more suggestions.

Today we want to help answer the question: "Which day of the week should I publish my podcast?"

We measured 100,000 episodes at random and here are the results:

On a given weekday the number of new episodes stays pretty constant except for a small dip on Tuesday and to a lesser extent Friday. On average Saturday has almost half as many episodes published.

Why does this matter? By publishing on a day like Saturday or possibly Tuesday you might have less competition for listens and downloads from other shows. To really optimize your number of listeners you would also need to know which day people listen the most. Hopefully we can try to answer that in a future post.

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