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Dec. 14, 2015, 7:44 p.m.

2015 was amazing!

This year cast.market has grown faster then we expected. Over 1,000 podcasters have signed up. Many have entered their show details making them eligible to receive sponsorship offers. If you are a podcaster, and you haven't enter your show info please do that here.

We have run advertising campaigns this year too. Podcasters and sponsors have sent us positive and useful feedback.

The team at Yuppie Junk podcast had this to say about the system,

"Working with cast.market sponsors is incredibly easy. Just getting an email finding out you have and offer and being 2 clicks from accepting and knowing what the ad is, makes the experience easier than most other networks. Once you deliver the message, and publish the show, Cast.Market already has your show on the site and all you have to do is indicate when the ad begins and you're set. From there, you receive payment quickly, right into your Stripe account."

During the launch of our campaign creator we have not charged any fees. Payments go directly from sponsor to podcaster. Cast.market has even been covering the credit card fees! Now that we have grown a little bit we are now deducting the credit card fees from sponsorship offers. This fee is 2.9% + 30 cents (which is exactly what Stripe charges us.) You will see this deduction listed before you accept offers.

Next year our goal is to introduce cast.market and all the shows to sponsors. We are going to be doing everything we can here including calling on podcasters to help. We have a few cool ideas and features on their way that will increase the value of your shows and help to get the word out.

I want to thank everyone who has signed up so far. We are on our way to making an efficient open podcast advertising network for every type of show.

Have a happy new year!

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