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March 28, 2020, 11:58 a.m.

Stay home and improve your podcast!

At cast.market, we track hundreds of thousands of podcasts and millions of episodes. Since we store and display tons of data on the popularity of these shows, people often ask us, “How can I make my show more popular?”

After some thought I’d like to share 3 ways you can improve your show and reach more listeners.

Regular episodes

Podcast listeners are habitual. Your show should be a part of their routine. If they check multiple times and there are no new shows they will move on to one of the many other shows. Consistency is king. Our data reveals that shows with weekly episodes are more popular than shows that add an episode once a month or sporadically.

Good equipment

A good microphone is a must. A pop filter can really help too. Listeners hear the difference between the little tinny microphone built into your notebook and something made for podcasting. Fortunately, this equipment isn’t expensive, and it makes a huge difference. You can connect multiple USB microphones to a computer if you are interviewing guests or if you have multiple hosts.

This FIFINE bundle has it all including an adjustable arm and filter. Check it out on Amazon.

Transcribe your show

By transcribing your show, Google and other search engines will be able to find it. If you have a show on a specific topic and include a transcription, users searching for that topic will be much more likely to find your show. The keywords that your audience uses to find great content will lead them right to your podcast. This organic discovery can be big for your show.

Bonus tip

As a final bonus I’d like to introduce you to a tool that will help you do all this. Descript makes creating your podcast quicker. It’s a downright magical tool that allows you to automatically transcribe your podcast and edit it by deleting or moving words. If you’ve ever tried to transcribe your podcast yourself, you know that it is extremely time consuming. Even if you get very good at transcribing your shows, every hour of audio can take four hours to transcribe.

This tool can take hours off the production time for your show. You will find yourself doing fewer retakes and you can use the transcriptions to help promote your show. To get 10% off the Premium package, which includes automatic transcription and uncompressed audio files for better sound, enter promo code castmarket10. Check out Descript

We love podcasts here and are looking forward to seeing your shows grow!

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