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Aug. 18, 2016, 3:05 p.m.

A new promotion at cast.market!

If you are not sure what a campaign is and have never participated in one at cast.market, take a look at our new FAQ. It should help to answer any questions

Now that we have made necessary changes at cast.market we are ready to attract more sponsors and business to our campaign creator.

The campaign creator allows people to target podcast shows and get the word out about their product or service. It's how you receive sponsorship offers for your show.

A common question podcasters ask me is, "How can I get more sponsorship offers for my show?" Until now my answer was 'stay tuned'.

Finally, I'm happy to announce a new promotion cast.market that will help drive sponsorship. Here is how it works:

Select podcasters are invited and receive an offer to participate in this promotion. The promotion has the same workflow as paid sponsorship.

When you accept this promotional offer, you create a unique code for your show. When a sponsor uses this code in the campaign creator, your show is automatically entered into the campaign and no site fees are charged to the sponsor.

Shows that participate in this promotion will also be more likely to be included in other sponsorship campaigns in the future. If you would like to receive sponsorship for your show, this is an excellent option.

Furthermore, cast.market is reaching out to other companies and contacts. Our goal for this year is to increase sponsorship. We are working for podcasters! If you would like to help, contact me dan@cast.market and I'll make sure you are included in the promotion.

Together I think we can make some very big improvements to the power of podcasting!

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