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Nov. 18, 2015, 5:34 p.m.

Improvements to cast.market

We are working to improve cast.market based upon feedback from podcasters and sponsors. We have made two small improvements that I thought I would share here.

First, when you create a campaign you can now include an url to the product or server that you are promoting. This way podcasters are more informed about your company and can present it more appropriately to their audience. A simple, but helpful change.

Second, when you enter your CPM we set the slider at the site average. When we launched cast.market we estimated an average at $12.00 because we didn’t have very much data on what podcasters wanted to charge. Now that people are signing up and participating we can display the actual average ($14.69 per 1000 listeners at time of writing).

We have larger features coming soon that I’m excited about. I’ll save discussions about these for a future article. We read all your email, so send suggestions if you have them.

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