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Aug. 18, 2016, 11:58 a.m.

Changes at cast.market

While running a few campaigns here at cast.market we discovered an issue. Over the past month we have worked to fix it. Here is what happened.

Previously podcasters were paid upon delivery of an episode to the sponsor. This was working great until one sponsor canceled their campaign and refused payment to shows that had already accepted and produced episodes. cast.market ended up covering the cost. Of course we didn't want this happening again.

To fix this we have changed the payment workflow. Now podcasters are paid when they accept the sponsorship offer. If they fail to deliver the episode in 14 days then the sponsor is refunded. Before you accept a sponsorship you will be asked to connect with Stripe for this reason. The upside is that podcasters are paid even more quickly at cast.market.

Making this change took a few weeks, but it's important to keeping things running smoothly.

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