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Aug. 18, 2016, 5:39 p.m.


What is cast.market?

cast.market is a set of tools for podcasters. There is a search engine, An analytics engine, and a tool to manage podcast sponsorships.

What is a campaign?

Campaigns contain all of the details of a podcast advertisement. This includes targeted shows and categories, the message that you want to be read on the air, the price you are willing to pay, the total budget, etc. Podcasters that fit the campaigns keywords and targets are offered a chance to be paid to participate by reading a short message on the air. As the campaign runs it tracks who participates and generates reports for the sponsor.

How is advertising on podcasts different at cast.market?

Because we have automated the process of sponsoring a podcast we are able to incorporate shows of any size. We don't charge sponsors any minimums and both sponsors and podcasters can set their own price. Podcasters are paid extremely quickly. Nearly all of the payment goes directly to the podcaster. The process is consistent for the sponsor. It's the modern way to advertise on podcasts.

I can't find my podcast at cast.market!

If you can't find it by searching for the title, you can search by your iTunes id (it's in your iTunes link) and cast.market should load it right up!

What is the chart at the bottom of my show?

We track your iTunes popularity in every country for every day. You can click on the different countries to see how popular your show is around the world during any period in time.

Why are these charts useful?

Charts are one of the ways people find your show on iTunes. They also help you understand which of your episodes are most popular. Because you can view these charts for any podcast you can see how popular other shows are too!

How much does cast.market cost?

cast.market is a free service. We don't charge podcasters anything. Through the campaign creator businesses can pay podcasters directly to sponsor their show. Our credit card processor charges 2.9% + .30 cents for this. cast.market adds an additional 7.1%

Where are my sponsorship offers?

If you are a podcaster the first thing you should do is claim your show by clicking the 'I Manage This Podcast' button. Next you need to answer a few basic questions about your show including your audience size and price. You will also need to send us some statistics from your host. After that it's up to the sponsors to create a campaign that includes shows like yours at your price. If you still don't see any offers, participate in a promotion!

Whats a promotion?

A promotion is a way to let advertisers know that they can sponsor your show on cast.market. It's a brand new option we are rolling out. Read more

My question was not answered.

Contact us at hello@cast.market. We try to get back to everyone!

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