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Clayesmore English Literature at AS and A2 level

For students preparing to take exams or submit coursework in English Literature at AS and A2 level. This is a series of short (10 - 15 minute) talks about major texts or ideas met on the course. It is generally assumed that listeners will have a copy of the text to hand, but this is not essential.

Educational Technology

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Japanese Classical Literature at Bedtime

Oriental and Occidental literature read in Japanese.


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CraftLit - an Annotated Audiobook Podcast | Serialized Classic Literature

***Audiobooks-with-Benefits for Busy People*** Busy? Wish you had time to read? We feel the same way - which is why CraftLit's been podcasting since 2006! *** This weekly annotated audiobook podcast brings you serialized classic literature with audio "annotations." Host Heather Ordover fills in any relevant tidbits before playing the next chapter of the current book (she tries to "teach to the ...


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The Bible as Literature

Each week, Dr. Richard Benton, Fr. Marc Boulos and guests discuss the content of the Bible as literature.

Higher Education

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Literature & the arts

From emerging writers to international successes, the National Library of Australia’s Arts and Literature Talks take you into the minds and reveal the creative processes of some of the world’s best writers.


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SWR2 Literatur

Literatur in SWR2: Buchkritiken der Sendungen SWR2 Die Buchkritik und SWR2 Forum Buch sowie Kritikergespräch zu Büchern der SWR-Bestenliste.


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The History of Literature

Join your host, author Jacke Wilson, as he journeys through the history of literature with passion, curiosity, and a sense of humor. Find out more at jackewilson.com and historyofliterature.com.


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The Gist of Freedom Preserving American History through Black Literature . . .

Join us Sunday & Thursday @ 8 PM The Gist of Freedom weekly live online discussion is a celebration of the African American experience—honoring all the people, past and present, black and white—who have determined to preserve history in literature, craftsmanship and artifact.


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The Literature Review Podcast

Mixture of advice and expert interviews to provide guidance on all of the common problems you face when doing a literature review.

Educational Technology

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Goethe-Institut Australien | Bookmarks | Literature Live

Goethe-Institut Australia delivers podcasts which focus on the intercultural exchange of ideas between Australia and Germany. Hear what visiting German authors have to say to Australian audiences, listen to readings and discussions from the German/Australian interface of literature, film, theatre and beyond. Download or subscribe to our free podcasts. www.goethe.de/australia, Contact: Dagmar Py...


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New Books in Literature

Discussions with Writers about their New Books


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Chews A Book: Your Literature Review Podcast

Enjoy literature reviews for young adults, by young adults.


transatlantik | literatur on air


Supernatural Horror in Literature

"Supernatural Horror in Literature" is an essay written by H.P. Lovecraft and first published in 1927. This podcast will present readings of works referenced in the essay, including the works of Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, Lord Dunsany, and M.R. James, among others.


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Literature Up-To-Date by Essential Pathology

This podcast is designed to keep its audience Up-to-Date with current pathology literature by presenting the article titles of major pathology journals regularly. You can follow up with many major pathology journals here in just one web site.


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Audio Literature 英语朗诵

This is a private channel to share my weekly performance of some of my favorite poems or short proses by the giants of English or American literature, and it serves no other purpose than to entertain my friends and the English lovers who by chance find the recordings useful or interesting.

Language Courses

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