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Trends & Issues in Instructional Design, Educational Technology, and Learning Sciences

Stay current with the latest trends and issues in instructional design, educational technology, and learning sciences. Dr. Abbie Brown and Dr. Tim Green--professors of instructional design and educational technology--share their observations every two weeks in this podcast. Need a daily fix? Visit their Flipboard magazine at flip.it/cD3Rv . You can also visit trendsandissues.com to discove...

Higher Education

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The PE Geek Podcast - Physical Education & Technology

The PE Geek Podcast is the number one destination for anyone interested in utilising technologies within their Physical Education classroom. The Podcast explores current tools, trends and classroom proven ideas.

Educational Technology

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The Joystick Learning Podcast: Education Technology and Cutting Edge Pedagogy For Teachers

The Joystick Learning Podcast focuses on innovative teaching through educational technology, 21st century practices, and effective trends in education (game based learning, problem based learning, project based learning, etc.). In each episode, a new guest (our "rockstar educators" from across the globe) will be featured, will share his/her most recent and exciting ideas, and undoubtedly inspir...

Educational Technology

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Terry Freedman's Educational Technology Podcast

News and views relating to the management and use of computers in schools. For an introduction, listen to "!ICT in Education 000: An introduction" first!

Educational Technology

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Educational Technology for Teachers

An educational technology podcast for South Dakota teachers

Educational Technology

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UMass Boston Educational Technology Conference 2007

This conference was designed to display how educational technology is being used on the UMass Boston campus. Sessions have been designed to reflect existing and emerging technology trends at UMass Boston to bridge the gap on campus between practitioners and amateurs and to encourage dialogue among participants. We invite you to be part of a growing digerati of faculty,librarians, and staff who ...

Higher Education

Educational Technology and Life: Podomatic Edition

This is a podacast about context-embeded, inquiry-driven, and socially negotiated learning using technology.

Educational Technology

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The WET Podcast: Writing, Education, Technology

Erik Marshall interviews people in the fields of Writing, Education and Technology.

Higher Education

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The Free Teacher Tech Video Podcast: Education Technology | Effective Teaching | Classroom Engagement

The official Free Teacher Tech video podcast from FreeTeacherTech.com with Scott Panfil. We explore technology and strategies to better reach your students, make your classroom more efficient, and help you to be a more engaging and effective educator. Your students are interacting with engaging online content for HOURS every day! We’re going to look at ways to make some of that engagement furth...

Educational Technology

Education Technology

What’s wrong and what’s right with teaching and technology in the UK today.


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The Plus One Show - Educational Technology

A radio show about teaching and learning with technology - and a whole bunch of other stuff! Our mission is to use technology to help improve the quality of education all over the world. The best part is we can laugh and have fun while we do it. Join your host Chip Dolce as we level-up your school or classroom - follow us @levelupteaching

Educational Technology

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Educating Technology

Exploring how two K12 network administrators use technology in their schools.

Educational Technology

Beyond the Cloud: Supporting the 6Cs with Educational Technology

Six Episodes Focusing on how Technology can enhance the Six C's


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Shifting Our Schools - Education : Technology : Leadership

Jeff Utecht leads discussions with educators from around the globe on how educators and administrators are shifting their schools to meet the needs of today's learners. From Seattle to Bangkok and Dubai Shifting Our Schools brings a global educational perspective to educators on Education, Technology, and Leadership.


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Podcast for Teachers (Techpod): Podcasting and Educational Technology for K-12 and All Educators

Live from New York City! Fordham University provides lively conversations about technology for teachers with leading educators. Educational technology experts and authors Mark Gura and Professor Dr. Kathy King co-host this weekly podcast. PFT has be come a rich constellation of resources on guiding, supporting and innovating podcasting in education. Each week we bring the latest in ed tech cont...


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Education Technology Trends , Innovations by Splashgain

Award Winning Education Technology Company Splashgain. Podcast is about latest trends in Education Technology for digital assessment, evaluations


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